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 Chaz, Jack, and Tommy's S34 blag adventures

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PostSubject: Re: Chaz, Jack, and Tommy's S34 blag adventures   Mon May 29, 2017 5:51 pm

alas. here we are.

I'm glad I didn't get my hopes up too much for this season, because I think I would've been super disappointed. I hate that I've come to expect ridiculous outlandish things like eight million people being immune at a TC so Cirie leaves by default, or twelve challenges and boots crammed into the last five days, but it's all I can do, I guess.

Cirie's boot was complete nonsense but I guess that's all that could be done? I sort of saw it coming with all those idols floating around that didn't get played until the end, plus the legacy advantage. STOP WITH HAVING SO MANY IDOLS!!! One per tribe should be enough. Cirie unfortunately put herself in that position to get screwed by unnecessarily booting Andrea instead of Brad or Sarah at F8. What could have been ;______; I can't believe she made it to Day 36 THREE TIMES and each time she didn't make the finals for one freak reason or another. Would they bring her (or anyone?) back for a fifth time? Who knows?

I knew that there was no way that Brad/Troy didn't make the Final 3 after Cirie's boot so I almost didn't even want to watch, but I had to continue. Aubry's 5th place/mid-finale boot makes her edit make a lot more sense in retrospect. This new super crowded finale kind of screws over whoever gets 5th place. Not much development for them at all.

idk how I feel about the new jury format. I like how it allows for more interaction, although with Jeff facilitating, I feel like he can sway the conversation depending on how much he loves/hates a certain finalist, which sucks. In the last few years, I think the jury phase has shifted to more of a group think rather than each juror voting for themselves, as evidenced by how there have been no close votes in years. I think this new format appeals to that new jury mindset, which I also don't know how I feel about. One thing I don't like is how there's a whole section of the discussion on challenges and hard work, which... who cares? That structure is sort of sexist because it makes the Brad Culpeppers of the world look super competent when we saw how much he sucked at jury management and had zero business winning.

I'm glad it wasn't a 10-0-0 vote for once. Sarah as a winner is ok. I was SO RELIEVED that it wasn't Brad so I was rooting for her out of the Final 3. There have been seasons where I wasn't really rooting for anyone in the FTC (Redemption Island, Caramoan, Cagayan) so I guess it says something about her that I was rooting for her. She definitely played a really great game, but I'm not too wild about her story or her personality. She was lolworthy sometimes, really annoying and spastic at other times, but overall seems like kind of a boring person. idk. she's a unique addition to Survivor winners and I'm glad it was her over Brad and Troy.


20. Brad - I'm glad the finale exposed him as being the dreadful, bullying douche that he really is. I hate that the show was so desperate to make him a thing, I hate that he joined the Colby/Tom/Terry/Ozzy/Mike club that Jeff worships, and I hate that he made it to the finals, meaning he could potentially come back another time O____________O please don't. He doesn't bring anything good at all.

19. JT - once a season ruiner, always a season ruiner. He ruined everything at the Malcolm boot all because of how he loved Brad (O________O) and had a vendetta against Sandra (O____________O). His vendetta against Michaela revealed some sort of racist undertones that me super uncomfortable. I hope that his reputation is ruined enough that they never bring him back. and to think I was open to him coming into this season 0___0

18. SIERRA DAWN THOMAS - repugnant beast from the underworld. You'd think that someone who came in 9th/20 wouldn't have to be that relevant but due to many unfortunate circumstances she was there like all season. Once again she had awful taste in people and didn't really do anything worth noting at all. she should've left 4th. plz never come back.


17. Tony - he was on his way to being just as terrible as last time but thankfully he got rekt by Sandra. Imagine him and Caleb joining forces with Brad and everyone X__________X I would've stopped watching.

16. Caleb - gross gross gross. I hate that they brought him back but thankfully he proved himself to be as pointless as I knew he was so hopefully the show will stop trying to make him a thing.


15. Jeff - the whole Zeke thing was hella cringeworthy. I wish they didn't bring him back. I don't know why bringing him back for Cambodia wasn't enough.

14. Troy - I knew his return was inevitable and I was ok with it because he brought so much fire to One World, but he was kind of lifeless and delusional this time around, and an extra vote for the worst people imaginable. to think that he could've left at F6 if he didn't find that stupid idol smh. it's so rare that the good people get idols.

13. Debbie - she kind of ruined herself this season. watching her fall at the feet of Brad during FTC made me realize that she didn't really contribute anything good this season, and she was totally an enabler who didn't care too much about the game but at the same time ended up really bitter? I wish she didn't come back.

12. Zeke - he sucks at the game, takes himself way too seriously, and is willing to sell his soul to Satan (aka Brad) in order to come across as a mastermind. gross. we don't need any of that. he seems like a cool enough person in real life though.

11. Ozzy - I was actually in the "you know Ozzy isn't actually that bad if you ignore all the OTTP scenes of him fishing and all of Jeff's commentary on him" camp up until the finale where he was a bit douchey and a lot Brad-enabling so it made me take a step back. I can't believe he actually sided with The Right People for once in his life, though. I don't know what the show could gain by bringing him back again in the future unless they had a final Survivor Legends season or something.


10. Tai - he had a bunch of lolworthy moments this season, and he once again found himself aligned with the worst people in the beginning, but eventually had to be ~tru 2 himself~ and ditched them. He was a bit too late in doing it this time, unfortunately, so they still ended up beating him. I like him at moments but for the most part I think he's tiresome and once you've seen it once, you've seen it all.

9. Ciera - I keep forgetting she was on this season but gj at still being more tolerable than half the cast. She got kind of a raw deal. I wonder what she would've done if she had survived the first few rounds.

8. Sarah - see my analysis above. I wasn't wild about her but think she's an interesting enough addition to the Survivor winners club and she played a really good game.


7. Aubry - she was really low key this season and she scared me pre-merge by wanting to be friends with Tony and then JT and then Brad but thankfully she got her crap together pre-merge and was always with The Right People after that while still being competitive and giving good confessionals and all that. Loses points for making Cochran more of a thing instead of leaving him in the past where he belongs.

6. Andrea - I was waiting all season for her to be awful or to pull a Zeke or something but she never did. She was pretty refreshing and lively all season, and she was responsible for taking Zeke out so gj. I was actually upset to see her go which I never ever thought I would say. She exceeded expectations more than the entire cast so gj.


5. Hali - what a precious and endearing creature <3 I hope they bring her back sometime and she actually gets to be in a majority alliance for once. Being the first person to point out that Brad sucks <3

4. Malcolm - we were so robbed of more Malcolm this season. He brought a lot of fun and life into the little bit that he was in. He was screwed over by one of the four or five most unfair twists in the show's history. I hope he comes back someday.

3. Michaela - way more UTR than I would've hoped but she still had a lot of hilarious moments and still brought -it- this season despite the producers doing their best to squash her out. She was the lovable sidekick for BOTH Cirie and Sandra, and she hated JT and Brad. What more could I ask for? Michaela is a natural for this show and I'd love to see her come back in the future.


2. Cirie - despite being totally subdued in the pre-merge, she came out in the merge episode as the shot-calling, no-nonsense HBIC that I know and love, and she cemented herself as one of my all time favs. I don't like when Jeff turns her into an OTTP inspiration because she got off the couch or whatever, but at least they're giving her attention. It's a shame that she and Sandra never got to be on the same tribe because that would've been epic. Still an amazing player, even though she screwed up her own game by booting Andrea and trusting Sarah.

1. Sandra - I didn't know it was possible for me to love her more than I did. She was the star of the show for the first five episodes, didn't hold back at all, and it was glorious. The way she took down Tony was beautiful, and the way she took down JT was even more beautiful. She ALMOST took out the hellbeast as well, and who knows how far her rampage would've gone if that had happened. It was hilarious to see everyone so threatened by her and were willing to shoot their own games in the foot by taking her out. If I were ever on this show I'd totally want to be Sandra's sidekick because she's usually pretty loyal to her people. Absolutely amazing character in every way, and we're #blessed to have gotten as much of her this season as we did.
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PostSubject: Re: Chaz, Jack, and Tommy's S34 blag adventures   Mon May 29, 2017 6:10 pm

all in all, this season was ok. again, I'm glad I managed my expectations so I didn't come in expecting a Sandra/Malcolm/Cirie F3 or something, and I figured that someone awful would make it to the end, and it happened to be Brad. There were some hilarious moments and good story developments (Sandra's reign of terror <3 Cirie emerging as an HBIC again <3 a bunch of utr Michaela moments <3) but I think they tried to make this season really explosive and dramatic while also trying to cram way too much into the post-merge/endgame, and it felt like a jumbled mess. The pacing was off the whole time, it felt choppy and disjointed, and overall there wasn't a good flow to this season at all. Format/pacing/editing were the main culprits, but I don't know if a season with a Sarah/Brad/Troy/Tai Final 4 would ever be anywhere near my favs. There's a lot that could've gone way better and we were pretty close to some of those things happening, but overall I wouldn't call the season a disaster. it was ok. I'm excited for the next newbie season.


34. Redemption Island
33. World's Apart
32. Fiji
31. Caramoan
30. South Pacific
29. Cook Islands
28. Thailand
27. All-Stars

26. Samoa
25. Cagayan
24. Borneo
23. Australia
22. Blood vs. Water
21. Game Changers
20. Heroes vs. Villains
19. Tocantins
18. Cambodia
17. One World
16. Gabon

15. Millennials vs. Gen X
14. Africa
13. Guatemala
12. Kaoh Rong
11. China
10. Philippines
9. Palau
8. Nicaragua
7. San Juan del Sur
6. Marquesas
5. Vanuatu
4. Micronesia
3. Panama
2. Amazon
1. Pearl Islands
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PostSubject: Re: Chaz, Jack, and Tommy's S34 blag adventures   Mon May 29, 2017 6:11 pm

thanks for dragging me out of hibernation to blag, ZHAZ, even though you disappeared from existence yourself O___O
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PostSubject: Re: Chaz, Jack, and Tommy's S34 blag adventures   Tue May 30, 2017 8:48 am

Everything that happened in the finale aside from Sarah beating Brad was super disappointing.

O___O moments:
-The fact that the F6 wasn't its own episode despite everything that happened.
-Cirie losing because there were 500 idols/advantages.
-Tai saving Aubry then voting her out the next round. What was the point?
-Brad bullying Tai and bragging about how he would take the idol and keep it for himself, yet using the fact that Tai didn't give Brad the idol against him even after the F6.
-Sarah yelling at everyone at camp and having no sense of humour.
-Sarah not forcing a tie with Tai (not a bad move but BORING).
-Troyzan/Brad/Sarah F3.
-Troyzan's existence and constant praise of Brad.
-The whole 'outwit, outplay, outlast' theme of the FTC and how Jeff forced them to discuss them as if they are three aspects of the game that the jurors should consider with equal value. Isn't outlast just lasting more days than the others? The winner outlasts the other finalists with the final vote. So what was Jeff even talking about when he was saying that some finalists would be better at outlasting?
-Ozzy during FTC bragging about himself.
-Debbie going from anti-Brad to Brad obsessed.
-Jeff Varner using the reunion and Zeke issue to promote his own book.

This season was pretty bad. The only highlights were the premiere, the JT boot and the Debbie boot. Aside from that, Sandra's return was the best thing about this season.


20. SIERRA DAWN THOMAS - Opposite of a game changer. Pls never return.

19. Brad - Horrible douchebag. Airtime hog.

18. JT - Season ruiner.

17. Ozzy - Still one of my all time least favourites. This was his best incarnation though.


16. Tony - I hope he isn't so overrated from now on.

15. Caleb - Not a game changer. Total dud.

14. Jeff Varner - He spoiled a bunch of seasons and he is desperate to be reality TV famous. Plz don't let him back on a CBS show (for his own good).


13. Troyzan - lol @ when he said that he thought he had a chance of beating the others in the FTC. And then his speech at the end of FTC where he said he really loved the experience. He really sucked this season. Kim was probably watching and shaking her head in disapproval.

12. Zeke - It's as if he is a CBS employee working undercover. Everything he says and does is so camera-aware and he is so desperate to promote Survivor's brand. As a result the show and Jeff love him and are acting like he is an amazing player when he really isn't. Nice person though.

11. Sarah - She really isn't very likeable and was actually really frustrating to watch. I felt annoyed on behalf of everyone who was depending on her as a swing vote throughout the season. She objectively played better than most of the others (this isn't saying much) but her game was still quite limited. If she didn't have Sierra's legacy advantage then she would have been voted out at F6 (3-2-1 vote), which is quite lucky because that could easily have gone to Brad. I can't think of anyone who played a much better game post-merge though so good for her.

10. Ciera - lol


9. Aubry - Very absent for a lot of the season and quite disappointing with her taste in allies. True that she got her act together at the end though. I think she did tarnish her reputation a little bit. gj on 5th place though.

8. Debbie - ew @ her Brad support at the end. She is a crazy person but at least she is a genuine crazy person. She provided some good moments and thankfully was removed from the game before she could start ruining everything.

7. Tai - I feel like his performances on each of his seasons were very similar. He was better in Koah Rong though. Can't help but feel bad for him at the end there. Everyone really was just trying to manipulate him and his consciousness gets in the way. He always ends up being honest with people and they use it against him. It would have been great to see him use the idol to get rid of Brad.


6. Hali - There was not much she could do ;____; at least she made the jury.

5. Andrea - gj on your O.W.L.S.

4. Malcolm - ;______; Most robbed of the season. That was the exact moment that this season cemented itself in the bottom half of all seasons.

3. Cirie - Definitely her least impressive showing (I don't count HvV) but she is still very likeable. I hated the OTTPPPPP ~inspirational~ balance beam scene. How condescending. She responded to all of that attention well though and it was nice to see her get recognition for how great a player/character she is even though she was an epic fail from F8-F6. Not a good few rounds to end on but overall she is still one of the best players ever.

2. Michaela - LOL @ her drinking out of the mug while JT got voted off and LOL @ "Go Fish". Great taste in people.

1. Sandra - Sandra is definitely in my top 4 with Steph, Candice and Amanda. I am very surprised that this season made me love her even more. She was also really impressive in taking a different role as a player this season. She really had no chance and so many people were out to get her but she made it further than I expected and had much more control than I ever expected. SAY HI TO CIERA FOR ME <3
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PostSubject: Re: Chaz, Jack, and Tommy's S34 blag adventures   Tue May 30, 2017 12:48 pm

Sarah going home in a 3-2-1 vote leaving Brad and Troy outnumbered would've been beautiful. idk how I feel about the whole legacy advantage existing. I think if they were to do just one idol all season (hidden in a challenge) and then the legacy advantage I'd be ok with it, but in addition to all of the idols out there I think it's just excessive.

SO TRUE about Zeke being an undercover CBS employee and being rewarded for it. so lame. we all deserve better.

I watched the preview for Heroes vs. Heathens vs. Herbivores or whatever and I'm rolling my eyes at the show's constant need to have some sort of gimmick each season. I don't get why they can't just do a tribe A vs. tribe B (vs. tribe C) without some sort of cheesy theme. It'll be fun to watch a season of all new people again, provided that Cochran doesn't make any more cameos.
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PostSubject: Re: Chaz, Jack, and Tommy's S34 blag adventures   Tue May 30, 2017 2:06 pm

Lol Survivor 52: Cat Loves Vs Dog Lovers. I don't feel they need a theme every single season. Just go back to regular seasons with a location name.

Through watching other international versions (Australia and New Zealand), it's made me realise how badly edited US Survivor is and how bad the pacing is. To cram everything over 3 days into one 42 minute show per week isn't enough, nevermind having two vote offs in one 42 minute episode plus all the favourtism editing giving certain people most of the screen time. It's not well done and I've seen loads of people say how rushed it feels. None of that with those other versions. They get 2 episodes per week. The first is around an hour, the second around 42 minutes.
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PostSubject: Re: Chaz, Jack, and Tommy's S34 blag adventures   Mon Jun 12, 2017 2:57 am

lol @ H vs H vs H as the next season. What a mess.

I agree that the pacing in Australian survivor allows for much better character development and well fleshed out story arcs, but Australian survivor has many of its own problems and US survivor is definitely still superior.

For starters, Aussie survivor had a drunk production team and decided to have 25 contestants and 55 days (or something ridiculous like that) just so that they could drag out the show's airing for as much ad revenue over as many nights as possible. All shows end up airing 3 or 4 nights a week, which doesn't work for survivor because you end up getting completely pointless episodes with nobody getting voted off and absolutely nothing changing or being achieved (akin to the non elimination legs in TAR). Aussie reality tv is terrible because all the contestants are always overly nice and incredibly self-aware of the cameras to the point where they prioritise coming across as a good person over actually playing the game. The most recent season was almost (ALMOST) as bad as Survivor US season 2 with Tina and her morality squad making everyone feel bad for daring to strategise. Also they need to stop doing ridiculous twists every second episode.
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PostSubject: Re: Chaz, Jack, and Tommy's S34 blag adventures   

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Chaz, Jack, and Tommy's S34 blag adventures
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