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 UFC 226

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PostSubject: UFC 226   UFC 226 EmptySat Jul 07, 2018 11:57 pm

Thoughts...Francis Ngannou should be cut from the roster after that performance...

Dana White is a piece of shit who thinks he is Vince McMahon, that show before the championship fight of Lesner walking to the ring was such WWE bullshit it was intolerable. Now he is going to fight again, and we all know regardless of the outcome he will test positive. Brock Lesner should NEVER be allowed to fight in the UFC...but the unscrupulous White just wants people to buy the PPV.

I am so happy for Daniel Cormier(As I love the guy) but I hope people pirate his fight with Lesner...which is a WWE dog and pony show.
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UFC 226
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