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 The Best Damn Thing Ranking

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PostSubject: The Best Damn Thing Ranking   Sat Mar 25, 2017 12:50 pm

12. Keep Holding On

I have a bit of a grudge against this song. It tries to be inspiring, but it just feels dull and listless and it's also the theme song to the movie adaptation of Eragon. I'm not a huge fan of these books, but I read the first one in university because I wanted to see if the infamous movie was really that horrible at adapting the original source material and man it was awful. This song doesn't represent the events of the story at all, it's not particularly fun to listen to and overall any time I hear "we'll hear from Avril Lavigne" next on the radio if it's this song at any time it's a crushing disappointment.

11. When You're Gone

The music video for this song isn't bad, particularly the part with the old man losing his wife. But that's the only redeeming factor. It's slow, it's boring, it's overdramatic since Avril was 21 at this release date and hasn't had any dead boyfriends. The only time this song would be decent is if the person lost is actually dead, as a breakup song it's just OTT and I also get pissed when this is the song that comes on the radio when there's much better singles from Under My Skin, Let Go and even the fifth album.

10. One of Those Girls
I used to like this one a lot more when I was an internalized misogynistic little snowflake, but as I've grown up and learned that girls should love other girls and not tear each other down for having blonde hair and blue eyes and wearing pink this song just leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Since Avril's got a lot girlier since then I guess she's probably outgrown this attitude too, but I still can't ignore those faults because of youth.

9. Hot
This was technically released as a single, but nowhere ever played it lol. It somehow made top 10 in my country (probably because we both have the same home country) and I don't know how because I never heard it get any play on the radio. Either way, it's pretty generic. The chorus is lazy and sounds like it would be written by someone who was 15, but an oversexualized 15 year old who knows too much already. The verses aren't anything special either and she sounds kinda creepy when she says he can't get out.

8. Everything Back But You
This is another one I used to like a lot more, but I'm not as crazy about it now. It's not bad, and it's got some good puns but it's pretty generic in the end and the trashing the other girl is a little bit too excessive by criticizing her perfume choices and thinking she must be a bitch and a slut. We don't really know for sure that this girl is a psycho babe so it's a bit shamey.

7. Girlfriend
This song is pretty fun to sing along to, especially that chorus, that's really what helps save it. It's pretty terrible thinking back about how she's just going to steal this guy, and the music video doesn't help by making the other girl a nerd. Thinking back Avril has a lot of songs on this album that aren't the most feminist lol.

6. I Don't Have To Try
There is so much narm and cringe in that scream near the end lmao. It's like what a 14 year old would think sounds badass with the lyrics about not questioning and doing everything she says and the MF bomb for no reason. Buuut I did think the song was pretty badass at 14 so I guess it hit it's target. Fun fact with no bearing on the ranking, it took forever on Limewire to get the explicit versions of these songs. Every download was the censored one and as unnecessary as some of the swears are, the censored versions (hey hey psycho babe, get ready get ready) are super dumb.

5. Innocence
This song is slow which detracks from it a little since I'm just an upbeat kind of person, but it doesn't hurt it enough to get it out of ~top 5~ and that's mostly because Avril's vocals here are so pure and the instrumental is gorgeous. It's just such a pretty sounding song and the vocal modification that goes high pitched for the last it's so beautiful it makes you wanna cry is just that, beautiful.

4. I Can Do Better
This song is fun and bratty and classic Avril, she's not mopey over losing the guy. In classic Avril style she knows she can do better and that he was a waste of time and there's no point crying over his shit. She's a little heavy on the swearing in this one, which I don't mind most of the time but it's a little excessive having 5 or 6 uses of the word shit in one song. It's still a fun track and would've been a good choice for a single.

3. Contagious
I've hated on short songs before, mostly in Hilary rankings because they're too short to really tell any story or do anything. But for some reason even though Contagious is only about 30 seconds longer than Inner Strength it feels like it's completed it's task. I understand the story here and it's sweet, I like bratty Avril but I also like when she's genuinely happy as hell about her relationship and not in that creepy way like Hot. This is the perfect happy Avril song and I just wish it was about half a minute longer.

2. The Best Damn Thing
I love this song, I've done an AMV to this song. It just sums up the best characteristics of Avril and she's having a blast. It's technically been released as a single sooo I guess I can say they didn't fare toooo badly here, but yeah, it never got any airplay.

1. Runaway
This song is nothing but fun. A fun day to go for a roadtrip and let go of everything, but it isn't in the rebellious place that Freak Out seemed to come from. It seems to come from a place of wanting to go on a long roadtrip with the windows down and a fun pop song playing and singing along and getting away from all of the problems of life because sometimes life is just a bitch. Maybe it's a silly impossible fantasy, but it's nice for some escapism for a day or a weekend or a vacation even if we know we eventually have to get back to responsibility. This song is pop perfection.
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PostSubject: Re: The Best Damn Thing Ranking   Sat Mar 25, 2017 2:24 pm

We're entitled to our own opinions, but let's just say we wouldn't agree on this list if I had to rank it. lol
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PostSubject: Re: The Best Damn Thing Ranking   Sat Mar 25, 2017 5:16 pm

You can put up one too if you want. I don't mind not having things in the same placements or if you dislike a song I liked as long as the person's not like RAWR you are trash. Which you aren't. It's nice having you back by the way, I don't know if I ever told you.
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PostSubject: Re: The Best Damn Thing Ranking   

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The Best Damn Thing Ranking
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