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 Under My Skin Ranking

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PostSubject: Under My Skin Ranking   Sat Mar 25, 2017 12:49 pm

13. How Does It Feel

Yeah, this is another slow one. Only I think I like Tomorrow better than this one in that there was actually some kind of emotion in her voice and I sensed why she felt a little melancholy. Didn't sound like it was the best day. I don't really get what the point of the song is, it's slow, and I always skipped it. The title also used to remind me of Angie's username lol. Not that that has anything to do with it's ranking, just a note.

12. Slipped Away

I also usually end the CD rather than listen to this last track just cuz it's such a depressing final note. I think Freak Out should have been the ending track just for some fun positivity since this is already such a raw angsty album full of sad. I have a hard time listening to this song because it's that depressing. The opening verse and chorus is enough to make me tear up if I put the words in my head to the image of someone I've lost. I can't do it.

11. Forgotten

In Let Go, I didn't mind most of the angrier tracks. But this one is so loud in it's chorus, she's practically screaming as loud as she can in pop rock before it would just transition into metal and I don't really know why. She doesn't give any explanation about what the guy screwed up, what kind of things she wanted that he forgot, etc. I have no idea what this guy did to warrant this lashing and it's almost unpleasant because it's so aggressive.

10. Fall to Pieces

This is this low only because I used to have it as the theme song to my crush on a guy in seventh grade and it was unrequited and it still stings to hear it. It's a nice song, it's just been tainted.

9. Together
I used to like this one a lot more, but now I think I'd mostly skip it and I don't have it in my music. It's just a bit overbearing for me now, maybe my ears are less forgiving now than at 12. Avril should probably break up with this person if she doesn't feel stable with them around.

8. I Always Get What I Want
This song is pretty bratty, but it's kinda fun. If someone thought this song was their theme unironically I would probably hate the shit out of them, but not taking it seriously makes it okay. This is another bonus track not on most discs.

7. Take Me Away
I remember hearing the first few opening lines of this song for the first time and just feeling sucked in. It was just a strong start. I'm not exactly sure what made her feel this way in the song, but it's above other songs where I'm not sure why because it's very convincing and she admits herself that no one understands. I can't relate to that as much anymore, but I still have passing moments where it feels like no one does and it still hurts a lot so it's up pretty high.

6. He Wasn't
This is one of her weaker singles for this one because it's really just about a guy not being what she thought she wanted and how wrong he was for her. Pretty simple concept. It's effective in it's message though by explaining why this guy sucked and how she was special and deserved better. And it's fun how she talks about hating Monday and how boring her Sunday is and where did Saturday go? Everyone can relate to that part lol.

5. Who Knows
Yayyy this song is like a ray of sunshine compared to most of the album. Comprimise, the guy not sucking, honesty, sincerity, laughing, brand new days. It's so nice to have a song that's not angst angst angst lol.

4. Freak Out
This song is also super positive compared to most of the other tracks, telling you to let it go, be happy, freak out and don't care about what other people think. Stand up for yourself and put up a fight. So many inspiring fun lyrics about living your life the way you want to. It's great. But I like the top 3 a bit more.

3. Nobody's Home
This song is depressing, but it's different than some other tracks in that it sounds more like an ode to actual clinical depression and/or possibly a secondary mental illness and maybe even being a runaway. While I don't have any of these things, I still felt a strong relation to this song in seventh grade where I did flirt with the idea of killing myself for an extended period of time though I knew I would never go through with it. I just felt broken and all over the place, like some of the lines. Although I'm a happier butterfly now, it still hits close.

2. My Happy Ending
This song also went through my head as a theme song for an unrequited love in seventh grade....YES, SEVENTH GRADE WAS APPARENTLY A VERY ANGSTY AND HORRID YEAR. Buuut they were technically up front about their lack of interest so it doesn't totally fit so it doesn't carry the same burden or the same sting as Fall to Pieces. It's a great breakup track.

1. Don't Tell Me
Avril's single selection process didn't differ this much from Let Go, she mostly picked the angstier songs besides one guitar-driven track about someone being a piece of shit (Sk8r Boi/He Wasn't) but for some reason this time around I just liked them all better. They seemed more mature and I love the way she talks to this guy who is so insistent on getting in her pants when she's just not ready. She tears him down. Though I wish she also didn't slut-shame this one girl who apparently 'throws it all away', she kinda makes it sound like it's a bad thing to do when we don't know, maybe this other girl was happy and ready. Either way though, this may be one of my favorite choruses ever.

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PostSubject: Re: Under My Skin Ranking   Sat Mar 25, 2017 2:27 pm

lol I just read you ranked 3 Avril albums! That reminds me that I need to, at one point, listen to all the Avril songs so I can rank them.
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PostSubject: Re: Under My Skin Ranking   Sat Mar 25, 2017 5:17 pm

Lol I figured it wouldn't be so bad since a lot of us were ranking things that were big in 2004
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PostSubject: Re: Under My Skin Ranking   

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Under My Skin Ranking
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