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 Let Go Ranking

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PostSubject: Let Go Ranking    Sat Mar 25, 2017 12:48 pm

14. Tomorrow

Yes, that number reads 14. I'm counting the hidden B-side I Don't Give. Anyway, Tomorrow is slow, depressing and even when I was 9 and 10 I skipped it after the first few listens. I do like the hey yeah's near the end, but for the most part it's just boring and a downer.

13. Naked

There's nothing wrong with it, it's just also one of my least listened to songs and one of the ones I haven't added to my music collection. It's not bad, it's just not that interesting.

12. Nobody's Fool

I don't listen to this one that often either, but the rapped verses are kinda cool. For some reason I thought pop rock princesses trying to do that was kind of badass even if it was cheesy. I probably just thought it was cool how she dared people to try to bring her down, this was a time in the world where there was a lot of Avril hype but also a lot of hate from teens who thought she was a poser and trying too hard to claim to be punk. So yeah, that was a cool gesture to me at 10 lol.

11. Complicated

Yes, Complicated is pretty damn low especially for a single. But I think almost all of her non-singles are better. This one has the opposite of the nostalgia factor in that I'm tired of hearing it and wouldn't really care if I never heard it again. The chorus might be fun to sing along with some drunk friends in a car (with a DD of course) but it's just stale now.

10. Unwanted
I used to like this one a lot more when I was angsty and feeling like I was being shut out a lot and people wanted me to shut up when I was around. But I'm a happier butterfly now so I don't really relate to it as much anymore and usually skip it when it comes up in my music. But I still remember those sadder times and I still like how raw it sounds.

9. Sk8r Boi

This one's up higher than Complicated because it's faster and more upbeat and I don't hear it overplayed as much on radio anymore (Campbellton radio still seems to have a crush on Complicated for whatever reason). But it's still played to death and now it kinda actually has a neckbeardy message. That girl had the right to turn down that punk if she wasn't interested, she doesn't have to be shamed in front of everyone at a concert because of it. Check your privilege Avril.

8. I'm With You

This song sounds horrifying thinking that she doesn't know this guy and he picked her off alone off a bridge and it's freezing cold. It's pretty depressing and I hope she didn't end up kidnapped. But the nostalgia semi-cancels it out and the fact it's never played on radio anymore so I don't have that annoyance lmao.

7. Losing Grip
Once again, I like the rawness, the anger, the depression and all the emotions. But it's also a little too angsty now and I can't really relate. But it's still a good track.

6. Things I'll Never Say
This used to feel like a bit of a theme song and I'm sure it still could be. I had so many AMV's in my head to this song with characters. I was a dork lol.

5. Too Much To Ask
This song is actually pretty slow, and I normally prefer the more upbeat stuff. But there's an actual legit dillema to this one and the down tempo makes sense with the problem; the problem being that Avril's guy is a guy who thinks he's too tough and has no heart and can't laugh or smile and is always down. I can't tell if this is because he's depressed or if he's a whiny neckbeard but either way I feel for her in this situation. I also thought the line about using weed was super edgy at 10. I'm also not sure if he's using weed to cope with depression or if it's because he's like Avril puts it "lame", but yeah I liked it.

4. Anything But Ordinary

The theme song to every early 00's special snowflake, but nah I have to admit I loved this song too. Even though the chorus was super fucking overdramatic (do you really want me to rip your heart out and leave you to bleed out Avril? Because I'm fairly certain you'd die o_o), I can relate to some parts of the song. Sometimes I do laugh myself to sleep because I'm trying to sleep but I remember something funny from years ago and I'm muffling laughter to not look insane. We can both be weird together Avril.

3. Mobile
I can't actually relate to this song since I've never had to experience a change as big as moving, let alone doing it alllll the time. But I love the beat, the tempo, the way she sings it. It's so cavalier yet passionate.

2. I Don't Give
I just love how much she really doesn't give a fuck. It's amazing seeing her fully admit that she doesn't care about him and she won't cry over him and that he's an idiot. Savage.

1. My World
If you're a daydreamer who lives in a small town in Canada, you will immediately relate to this song. Making money by cutting grass, getting fired for being mouthy at generic fast food places. I didn't grow up in a 5,000 population town, I grew up in one somewhere in the 500's but still, the feels. And as someone who gets lost in her head all the times and sometimes has to pause in the middle of a sentence to get the words right, I just RELATE SO MUCH. And it's a super fun sounding song too, it's not apologetic about it's flaws and how the small town was a bit trashy at times. It's just fun and takes you into the world of a teenage Canadian girl.

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Let Go Ranking
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